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State Abbreviation

Abb States Cap Abb

Match the Capital with

the State abbreviation


Learn the States

where s buster

Use 3 clues to find where Buster traveled

Learn something new about each

state Buster visits.

Place The State

2 Ben s States

Choose the state and place the state

with or without lines.

Capital of each state is displayed.


3 childlearnsus

Place the state that pops up

with or without



Name the State


4 USA Practice

Click the 'arrow' to filter to a region
of the US to confirm your state naming ability

or choose all States to see how many you can name.

5 Ameriquake

Choose the number of states to name.

Drag the name of the state to the

correct state on the map.


Identify ALL the states

US geography

Click on the state that matches the

state's name. Each name stays

on the map, helping you to

visualize the ones you know.

GeoSpy State Challenge

States find

Type your Name

Choose States & Provinces

Choose United States

Challenge Yourself

Beat Your Time


Vector Kids

Choice of 3 cities to name the

Capital of each state.